The Edward Beiner Collection is a stylish, vintage-inspired eyewear brand with a contemporary twist, designed by Edward Beiner and handmade by artisans in the French Alps and California.

Edward Beiner's unique 50's through 70's - inspired cool chic frames are made of the highest quality materials including Italian produced zyl acetates. To ensure the finest craftmanship and bring to customers a finished product that Edward Beiner himself would be proud to wear. Frames are intentionally manufactured in small, limited quantities exclusively for the Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear Boutiques.

The Edward Beiner Collection.
Unbearably Cool Chic 

  • "I've known Ed for 20 years or so, he was an early adopter and leader of accepting new concepts and ideas" Blake Kuwahara
  • "Edward Beiner understands the importance of brand curation. MOSCOT is a 100 year old heritage NYC eyewear brand that requires the proper retail environment and personnel to fully tell our story." Harvey Moscot
  • "By having our collection featured in his - Edward Beiner - stores, Barton Perreira is seen as one of the top collections in the world today!" Celeste Vos / Bill Parton
  • Edward Beiner boutiques provide “a high end & exceptional service environment for customers in key markets. They mirror our values of authenticity, innovation, exceptional quality, design and technical superiority. Cedric Moreau / Mykita
  • “I first met Edward Beiner 25 years ago when I started in the high end eyewear business. His professionalism and unequivocal taste for luxury eyewear have been the driving force of his success.” Nadine Roth / Face A Face